I'm Baaack!

...and reaching out to blogworld, since my hubby leaves in a couple of days for A WHOLE MONTH. Job training. Ugghhhhhh.

I am very proud of him for getting an awesome new job with the FAA!

BUT annoyed that he is abandoning me, and also very...anxious about being primary person-at-home for a month. (Even though I am the primary caregiver usually, as it happens)

SO any feedback, support, messages, fun anecdotes etc will be appreciated and welcomed!

Onto other news-

Big Sis is still WAY into gymnastics, and practices daily in the playroom (as much as she can, jumping into beanbags off of a low dresser, etc) the playground, and gyms across town (trying lots of classes). She has watched countless videos of Olympic gymnasts (including documentaries on Mary Lou Retton, archival footage of Nadia Comaneci..) and it is clear this thing is for real. So- time to choose a class, I guess! I'm proud of how hard she works, and marvel at how excited she is.

Needless to say, she will be going as Gabby Douglas for Halloween. She has asked me to go as her coach. (If you saw me try a cartwheel you would know what a stretch that is, no pun intended.)

Little Sis has four teeth and enjoys crawling over to the toy piano and jamming out. She will be going as a superhero for Halloween.


I finished reading The Hunger Games. Just..wow.

I finished my business plan!! Awaiting news to see if I made the final round.

I finished a really fun jazz gig at The Stone.

I finished watching The Glee Project.

I finished several Reese's chocolate peanut butter pumpkins.

I finished recording what I hope will be a huge Christmas hit. Stay tuned.