Business Plan Boo

SO I found out today I didn't win the Business Plan Competition I entered.

I has a sad.

On the other hand, had I made it into the finals, I would have had to prepare a huge presentation, get a credit check, etc. Stressful. And the point is really that I finished the plan, right?

Except..the hard copy is still sitting in my drawer, where it has been sitting since I turned it in online.

It does make me wonder why I entered, if I don't plan on using it.

Maybe somewhere I do plan on using it, but I'm scared to implement it.

Scared of..what? Failure? Success?

I don't know. But I'm really writing this post to commit to any of you out there still reading the blog (and to myself, more importantly), that I WILL make Piano Goddess a reality.

Or at least take it out of the drawer.