Updates and Playdates

Some of you may be wondering:

1. Deidre, where have you been?

2. Deidre, you started this blog to talk about being a non-cook in a cook's world, did you not? What is going on with that?

3. Deidre, how is your business plan going? Did you give up on it?

4. Deidre, are you still going on about the Olympics? It's over, for crying out loud!

5. OR-you just stumbled upon this blog, have no idea who I am, and could care less. If this is you, I would like to say, anyway, that I think you are nice for reading this and wish you a truly pleasant day wherever you may live. I hope that you get at least one thing you wish for today and that you treat yourself with kindness. Peace and cookies, all around.

1. I have been in Brooklyn. I have been in the playground. A LOT. At said playground I have seen:

-People in Dr. Pepper t-shirts hawking free Dr. Peppers TO KIDS

-a boy peeing right below the slides (this was tonight)


-a hive of bees

-my daughter in her dance leotard (she hasn't even started dance classes yet) YES STILL in Olympic spirit and practicing lots of routines such as running and tumbling to the ground and dropping from a high bar while other parents shoot me sideways glances.

Look at that, I just knocked out two questions in one!

2. I have been poking my hands in a bit of cooking. That sounded gross. It is slow going. But I have fed the baby real things such as carrots and sweet potatoes as opposed to fake things such as butterbeer

(OH WAIT that is a REAL THING and I must try it as SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. It gets great reviews. I need to haul off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando ASAP and if anyone would like to fund this trip, I say, GAME ON. Spoken as only one who listens to a theme park podcast every week--coasterradio.com--would know)

3. I thought about giving up. I really did.

I had a night where I had been dealing with about a hundred different things, including organizing a recording session for a Christmas tune, more on that another time, and including scheduling students, and including dealing with two kids and two cats in the (perpetually messy no matter what I do) house while my husband is away (that is, dealing with four beings who poop and sometimes vomit and can also be nocturnal and willful, if anyone is counting). And I thought, forget it. This Piano Goddess Business Plan is too much, and further more I am not excited about it. Might as well let someone else win (it is a competition) who has real passion for their project.

But then I watched the episode of Project Runway, the recent one, where that one designer (Andrea?) leaves the show in the middle of the night after saying, "If I got kicked out now, I'd be relieved".. and I thought HELL NO. Coward.

Plus a good friend gave me great advice: Quit writing what you think you SHOULD be writing, or what you think the judges want to hear! What does your IDEAL life look like? What will make you happiest? Write about THAT! Quit whining and make a collage! etc etc.

I have good friends. It goes without saying.

So I got excited again, and I'm diving in again and the deadline is fast fast approaching. I meet with business mentors from the Local Development Corporation of East New York once a week (going out there to the heart of Brooklyn feels really....New York. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.) They have been great. I CAN'T give up now. If I try, please talk me out of it, new friends.

4. See #1

5. Namaste

There you have it. I will leave you with a recent photo of what I wake up to every morning, because whenever I get down about anything, it is a great reminder that my life is, in fact, awesome.