The Greens of Spinach and Other Places

Last night I was thinking about how to describe the green of cooked spinach. The closest comparison I can think of is the pine trees in the Idaho mountains where I used to attend girl scout camp every summer. The kind of green you can smell when it is summer, that makes you want to go sit by a creek and write in your journal. Or at least, that's what I used to do at camp. (When I wasn't staying up late talking about boys and singing rounds).

After grad school I traveled the world for a year playing on cruise ships. In Ireland the greens were so intense that I had a strong desire to eat them somehow. This memory led me to reading a good portion of my travel journal from that year looking for that entry. Which led to me going to bed wayyyy too late. Which led to me eating a late-night snack of M & M cookies and milk. OH well.

I'm not exactly sure if the spinach yesterday was steamed or boiled--too much water maybe? I put in, I would say, two finger-lengths of water. Washed the spinach and then Big Sis helped me dry them out with the salad spinner. Who doesn't love a salad spinner? "SPINner SPINach!!" we shrieked. WAY too many times.

I then realized it is fruitless to be drying your spinach when you are just going to put it back IN WATER. Ahem.

But hey, any opportunity to spin things is fine by me.

Into the pot it went, cover on, for 5 minutes, then into the food mill, and that green! It made me intensely miss my home state. I need to get back among trees.

As a side note there is a song contest I was thinking about entering which involves mentioning trees. I considered entering a Christmas song I have which mentions trees, until my good friend reminded me I actually HAVE A SONG CALLED TREE. Wherein the chorus says, "Tree Tree Tree"..

How could I have forgotten this???

I digress.

Baby liked the spinach pretty well, although she regarded me with some skepticism, as if to say, Woman, where is the blueberry yogurt crack from the other day?! You mock me with this imitation of a meal!

Can't blame her, really.

Needless to say, though, she ate it up! Successssss! And I even managed to sneak some into Big Sister's Annie's brand Veggie Loaf. Veggies all around. Good thing I balanced that with some late night cookies.