Lazy Olympics

Here's my newly discovered method of making scrambled eggs.

1. Send oldest daughter to grandpa's house for sleepover the night before
2. Sleep in (as late as baby will let you)
3. Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony from previous night on iPad in bed with husband
4. DO NOT get dressed. This is important.
5. Pad to kitchen. Turn on heat, put butter in skillet
6. Yawn
7. Crack 5 eggs in yellow bowl that most reminds you of sunshine
8. forkity fork fork
9. Salt/pepper
10. Eggs in buttered skillet
11. Add 2 slices "special cheese" (what Big Kid calls American cheese)
12. Yawn three times while lazily stirring eggs
13. Take out frozen Ore-Ida french fries you put in oven 15 minutes ago
14. Put eggs on plate
15. Take plate to bed
16. Enjoy while gawking at Spectacle Television (including oversized creepy baby puppet)
17. Go back to sleep